The Pongolapoort Dam Streamlines Security and Key Management with CLIQ®

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The Pongolapoort Dam, frequently referred to as Lake Jozini, in ZwaZulu-Natal, South Africa is country’s first dam managed by the Department of Water Affairs. Open to the elements and with many different locations within the dam’s perimeter, the Department of Water Affairs sought to enhance security, access accountability and to streamline key management.

After researching viable options, CLIQ was selected to address all of the Dam’s locking and access control needs. Because the Dam has a variety of different access points it needed a solution that would work on doors, gates, padlocks and any other type of lock. CLIQ has this capability and can be applied to a wide range of door types and almost any type of lock.

With CLIQ, the Dam has been able to reduce the number of keys necessary to open all of their various access points from 170 to one. “One key can open everything; but what makes CLIQ so efficient and effective is every individual user’s CLIQ key will only open what that person has authorization to access,” said Netta Ben Shlomo, CLIQ Product Manager, Mul-T-Lock. “Moreover, each CLIQ key and cylinder captures and maintains an accurate audit trail of every action the key made or attempted to make – providing management complete accountability over access.”

The Department of Water Affairs successfully boosted security, accountability and streamlined key management. Now CLIQ keys are pre-defined with authorizations and schedules based on a user’s profile. Moreover, these can be easily changed when needed in near real time.

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