CLIQ® Helps Keep California Utility Compliant

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The Challenge

Compliance is a major issue for the US utility industry. As providers of critical services, today’s security standards require utilities to follow strict protocols including having an accurate audit trail of who entered where and when. Recently, a California water and waste treatment facility asked their supplier, Clark Security Products, for a high security padlock solution that would also help them maintain compliance.

The Solution

Clark recommended the Mul-T-Lock® CLIQ® Remote platform. The water and waster treatment’s facility’s management agreed that it uniquely addresses their needs. Responding to the primary concerns for a high quality, high security solution, the solution is also extremely convenient with its remote management capabilities. That includes changing authorizations, scheduling and accessing audit trails.

Remote Management Combined with High Security

“CLIQ® Remote allows you to send authorizations to remote locations and receive audit trails without ever leaving the office,” said Netta Ben Shlomo, CLIQ Product Manager, Mul-T-Lock. “Embedded with micro-technology, CLIQ® audit trails capture who and when a location was accessed. This information is necessary to meet Homeland Security standards and helps facility operations understand usage.”

The Result

The accurate audit trails that tell management who accessed a particular area and when, heighten security and accountability. Moreover, they help the facility maintain compliance and monitor usage from waterright’s owners. The facility is so satisfied with the solution they are already planning on extending CLIQ® from five access points to 40.