Mul-T-Lock Gives Manhattan Condo Renovation Patented Protection

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The Challenge

In Manhattan, you’ll find some of the most expensive real estate in the world. When luxury buildings in the city get renovated, excellent service, responsiveness and high quality are a standard requirement from every suppler. During a recent high-end renovation at a Manhattan condominium building, the decision to replace the locking system offered an opportunity to upgrade to a flexible, High Security, patent protected solution.


The Solution

Mul-T-Lock’s patent-protected MT5+ platform responded to every need defined by the building management. High security comes via patented technology with the cylinder, making intrusion attempts all the more difficult. Moreover, MT5+ patented key system significantly reduces unauthorized key duplication, giving owners peace-of-mind when keys are lost or stolen.

An additional need for the project was the ability to design and install the complete solution within a short time frame. Mul-T-Lock was able to deliver hundreds of cylinders and keys with weeks, providing exactly what was needed.   


The Result

“It is our ability to exceed customers’ expectations for both quality and service, that keeps us as a leader in the Multifamily segment” said Roy Miller, President Mul-T-Lock USA. “It’s a testament to the strength of our products and our ability to respond to the most demanding needs.”


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