CLIQ® Gives Nelson House Hospital Control and Security

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Located in Gosport, UK, the Nelson House Hospital is a new purpose-built rehabilitation facility servicing men often detained under the Mental Health Act. Established to prepare residents for discharge into the community, security at Nelson House Hospital is a high priority, and must balance safety for all who attend without creating the feel of a prison-like environment.

"Security was one of the most emotive issues faced in the development of Nelson House Hospital, with the need to keep staff and patients safe, work within budget allowances and keep in mind the dynamic risks of a mental health rehabilitation center.” Ian Haines, Maintenance Manager, Nelson House Hospital

Nelson House Hospital’s maintenance team worked closely with Mul-T-Lock to ensure the right security solutions were selected for the individual areas of the facility, within the constraints of the available budget. The selected solution had the physical attributes of a mechanical solution with the flexible convenience of an access control system at its core.

Due to the high security requirements of Nelson House, Mul-T-Lock introduced the MT5 patented cylinder platform, providing a robust base for the customized master key system that was created. All internal doors are now secure with fully functional anti-ligature cylinders, while external doors are fitted with Mul-T-Lock’s innovative CLIQ solution. MT5 CLIQ instantly adds electronic intelligence to the standard MT5 mechanical cylinders, padlocks and keys. Access is now programmed to sets of keys depending on individual job roles to allow entry to specific areas, as and when required.

Mr. Haines, Maintenance Manager at Nelson House Hospital summarized his experience with Mul-T-Lock and their new solutions by saying, “Mul-T-Lock considered the security of Nelson House Hospital taking a holistic approach, recognizing areas of concern and identifying a combination of electronic and mechanical measures to suit. The result is a pleasant, safe and secure rehabilitation facility, which is great news for everyone involved.”

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