SMARTair® brings virtual keys on a smartphone to Arkansas State campus

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The Challenge

This new campus for Arkansas State University was born from a major international cooperation between the university and the central Mexican state of Queretaro.

After an initial investment of $100 million, the campus opened in 2017. It incorporates accommodation for up to 1,500 students.

To accompany such a high-profile development, the university needed security and access control systems with a trusted and proven track record in protecting staff, students and other university assets.


Key Requirements

  • A technology-based solution, which would reduce security, risks across the campus.
  • An access control system able to monitor multiple spaces and monitor all access points in real time.
  • Software and hardware that makes it fast and intuitive for security administrators to generate and modify access rights for every user.
  • A single solution able to work across both common university facilities and separate areas used for student accommodation.
  • The option to incorporate a mobile solution, allowing the use of virtual keys and access credentials on a user’s smartphone.


The Solution

The first US public university campus in Mexico turned to SMARTair® to protect its investment and site users. So far, around 600 SMARTair® Wireless Online escutcheons have been installed.

A steady flow of high traffic through many doors demanded robust access control devices. With the SMARTair® Wireless Online option, facilities managers monitor the campus in real time, with live updating of who enters where, and when. Intuitive SMARTair® software makes all day-to-day administration from a central control point straightforward.

Future plans for ASUCQ envision a “university city” with up to 20,000 students - all protected in real time with SMARTair® access control. And because a SMARTair® system is wireless, expanding and upgrading access control will never disrupt daily work at the university. The SMARTair® mobile solution, Openow™ also gives facility managers the option to send, revoke and amend the validity of users’ “virtual keys”, wherever they (or the keyholder) are - with no need for physical credentials.

Students and staff save time, with no access cards to collect or validate. Install the app, collect keys virtually then tap a SMARTair® escutcheon with your phone and the door unlocks. At the end of your time on campus, the virtual key disappears automatically from your app.


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