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Construction sites are often vast, open environments that contain expensive equipment and materials. A lack of security can result in thefts that amount to substantial losses.

Mul-T-Lock addresses these unique needs with a range of locking solutions that include options for remote management and all types of access points including gates, fences and containers.
Mul-T-Lock has a range of solutions that address the construction industries needs that include:

CLIQ® – is a High Security electromechanical locking solution that gives you real control over all your access points. It allows you to communicate with your entire locking system through micro-technology that is embedded into cylinders, padlocks and keys. The CLIQ technology can be applied to a wide range of formats, providing the flexibility to create a comprehensive solution.

WatchLock® – is an intelligent alarm locking solution combining a High Security mechanical padlock with an advanced GPS-location system and GSM communication. WatchLock automatically notifies you when your assets are accessed, as well as your assets’ location.

Construction Master Cylinder— the smart and simple, High Security Construction Master Cylinder provides maximum convenience. It allows builders to have the convenience of using a single master key for all properties during construction; once tenants take possession of the property, the master key is irreversibly disabled.

Lock, Padlock & Cylinder Formats – our wide product range and unique applications enable you to have High Security protection anywhere you need it with patented key control mechanical and electromechanical platforms.

Keying Possibilities — depending on your needs, Mul-T-Lock has a variety of possibilities that include: Keyed Different, each cylinder has its own combination and is opened by its unique key, or Keyed Alike, a one-key-fits-all solution.