SMARTair® - Access Control System

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SMARTair systems give you control over access to your facilities

SMARTair is a modular and fully scalable access control system that offers an intelligent, yet simple, step up from keys. SMARTair is incredibly cost effective. The system can be customized to give you the sophistication you need, at a price, you can afford. SMARTair contactless, smart card technology is easily incorporated into existing systems, with multiple management solutions.

Mul-T-Lock SMARTair systems are the ideal access control solution for organizations and businesses looking to increase access control in an ever-changing environment. The system is tailored to meet each building’s needs and can be reprogrammed using the latest in access control management software as those needs evolve, without having to replace any physical locking systems. The system’s smart technology and lack of wiring makes it a discrete security solution that is highly reprogrammable in the event of lost key cards.  Facilities managers can organize control and update access rights to varying levels of control from a PC, using a simple user interface.

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