Securing Nursing Homes & Their Residents in the 21st Century

How can a nursing home (or care home) provide an open, homey space for its residents and a welcoming environment for family and visitors while ensuring the security of the site, staff, sensitive data, and areas where medications are kept? Balancing a pleasant environment with the ability to know about unauthorized access attempts or where dementia patients are at all times is a delicate undertaking.

To balance this act, nursing homes need advanced access control that’s simple for everyone to run. A system that provides real-time feedback can directly impact the quality of care by allowing staff to quickly locate residents, immediately respond to incidents or problems, and organize staff workflow more efficiently.

Wireless Access Control Provides the Answer

Having to handle a large number of keys puts a huge, unnecessary burden on care staff, and finding the proper key in a hurry can sometimes mean the difference between life and death. Mechanical keys can’t provide real-time monitoring or detailed audit streams so it may be impossible to trace a resident in an emergency.

In addition, the feeling of being locked up at night can carry negative feelings for elderly residents. New technology needs to provide an easy to operate, user-friendly, and affordable upgrade from traditional keys.

SMARTair for Nursing Home Security


SMARTair™ battery-powered wireless locks provide modern, easy, cost-effective installation in addition to features that offer care managers more control of their facility. SMARTair™ intelligent wireless devices offer the easiest upgrade and replacement for mechanical locks and are just as simple to retrofit to existing premises. Wireless locks release managers from problems with keys, making staff workflows more efficient, and immediately improving resident security.

A keycard can be issued or revoked in a matter of seconds, saving time and money previously wasted on replacing compromised locks. SMARTair™-equipped doors can be opened with tags, bracelets, cards, keypad, or a mobile app. This makes it easy for elderly residents with limited agility to open their doors or room safes.

Do you want to learn more about SMARTair™ access control and how SMARTair™ is already helping to protect care homes? Get in touch with a local locksmith to determine if SMARTair™ is right for your nursing care center.