Smart Locking Your Retail Establishment

Theft is a common occurrence in the retail sector, which means this industry is always looking for better ways to improve their security and safeguard their inventory.

Because it is just so easy to snatch something from the stock closet, or relay a shipment in transit, standard security cameras and measures aren’t enough to combat the onslaught of offenses this venue sees on a daily basis. They need something more; they need smart locking solutions.

Smart Locking Solutions, The Key to Inventory Security

Smart technology delivers the most state-of-the-art tools to retailers in every niche. Whether you are trying to keep track of staff activity, control inventory risk, or prevent cargo thefts, customizable electromechanical locking systems will solve all your problems.

And smart locks can help keep tabs on every aspect of the retail industry, including:

-       Monitoring and securing goods stored in containers

-       Controlling front door access so managers know who is coming and going and when

-       Protecting stock in transit with WatchLock GPS and GMS High Security locking systems


Technology-Driven Locking Mechanisms

How do Mul-T-Lock products do it? Advanced intelligent locking systems such as WatchLock, CLIQ, padlocks, and cylinders allow store owners and managers to control exactly who enters and when with timed access control, comprehensive entrance logs, and instant access denial from anywhere and at anytime. The WatchLock high security padlock will also give your inventory strong protection while on the go.

Big names in the retail sector such as Kohl’s and Almadela choose Mul-T-Lock to keep their inventory, and cargo safe. Isn’t it time you did too?