Vehicle Protection Solutions: Your Wheels Under Lock & Key

As we all know too well, commercial vehicles such as cargo, cross state and country trucks are frequently broken into or stolen, and therefore require strong security features. But sometimes the traditional locking mechanisms just aren’t enough. Consider this:

-       Emergency commercial vehicle drivers carry expensive equipment in their vehicles. These drivers need to have access to their vehicles, equipment, and space at a moment’s notice.



Whereas 50 years ago, people rarely locked their parked cars, today’s drivers need reliable, convenient, and secure locking solutions.


Mul-T-Lock: The Smart Vehicle Protection Solution


With professional and durable locking mechanisms from Mul-T-Lock, our customers have seen great success. One client in Mexico was losing thousands of pesos every year to carjacking thieves until they incorporated the WatchLock security system into their company trucks. Through GPS and GMS tools, WatchLock sent out an automatic alert to the company and control center who intercepted the thieves mid-heist.


PSA Peugeot is another happy Mul-T-Lock customer. As one of the biggest car manufacturers in the world, Peugeot-Citroen vehicles are used across the globe for some seriously high profile jobs, carrying valuable equipment, and delivering expensive cargo frequently. For this reason, PSA cars need to have a high level of security built in, and that’s why they rely upon ArmaDLock. Not only does this provide highly secure locking hardware, but it combines up-to-date technology for an extremely convenient locking solution. ArmaDLock is easy to install, supports keyless push locking, and provides a wide range of keying options, so PSA gets just what it needs from this smart locking option.


Advanced vehicle protection systems ensure:


-       Drivers can quickly and effortlessly access their vehicles at a moment’s notice.

-       Hasp locking systems to lock down commercial vehicles.

-       Intelligent GPS tracking and GMS alert systems that really work.


Vehicles require the highest levels of security, and that’s exactly what Mul-T-Lock delivers. Contact a distributor today to keep your vans and trucks safer at last.