Life Happens: 40-something working mother shares her experience with ENTR™

Life Happens: 40-something working mother shares her experience with ENTR™

Sharon is a 40-something year old working mother of 3 girls that lives in the suburbs.  She’s a busy Marketing Manager, which means her time is limited.  Her 3 girls come home in the afternoon while she is at work.

Sharon had some concerns with her front entrance that she wanted solved:

1. She has helpers (cleaning, parents etc.) coming home at various times in the day.

2. Her eldest daughter would often lose her key.

In short, she was looking for a total solution that would give her peace of mind while she was at work.


Sharon consulted with her neighborhood locksmith and learned about digital door locks.  She then went online and read about the latest advancements.  After deciding that Mul-T-Lock's ENTR offered her the highest security as well as a variety of keyless accessories, she scheduled an installation with a professional locksmith.

Before agreeing to the installation she shared her concerns with her locksmith.

Would there be drilling? She had just installed a new door and didn’t want it damaged

Would there be additional holes in the wall and a big mess?

Would it be difficult to learn this new technology?

Sharon's locksmith reassured her that it was a quiet and quick installation.  And truly he kept his word.  There was very little noise, it was quick and clean.   He changed her old cylinder to the MT5+.


"Having the ENTR is so convenient! The door closes automatically when we leave the house so we always feel secure.  As for the technology, it was so intuitive", Sharon confided.  She usually has to take notes when someone explains a new technology installation, but with ENTR she was locking and unlocking with a quick swipe of the handle.

Sharon gave her eldest the remote control accessory.

Her mother has a code and a backup key.

The babysitter has a code.

She and her husband use the smartphone app.

"The kids are so excited about the sliding that we now always enter and leave the house happy", concludes Sharon with a smile.