How Mul-T-Lock integrates ‘Lean’ and ‘Green’ in daily activities

Written by: Yehonatan Shmoulevich, LEAN Leader

The green revolution is here, impacting all of us. For most of us, reducing our carbon footprint has now become a daily part of our lives.

At Mul-T-Lock, we not only feel obligated to take care of our environment, we are deeply commitment to doing everything we can to do so. It benefits our community, employees, and customers. Moreover, by reducing our energy consumption and thus expenses, our customers and markets also benefit.

LEAN Management & Continuous Improvement

LEAN management is a proven business methodology that drives continuous improvement, including everything to do with reducing our energy footprint.

Here are some examples of what we’ve done to maintain our Lean, Green operation:


In 2015, Mul-T-Lock successfully reduced energy consumption by 5%. This significant reduction is attributed to the many energy-saving activities we’ve implemented, such as:

  • Deploying a motion sensor that turns lights and air conditioning off
  • Adding energy efficient technology
  • Installing more efficient LED bulbs

“Mini Kaizen”

Mini Kaizen is a LEAN tool that makes sure that every employee can contribute to the continuous improvement process. For example, one such suggestion led to reusing the floor washing machine’s stream, reducing the machine’s water consumption by 50%.


We’re going paperless where and whenever possible. Going digital reduces the impact our operations have on the environment, in addition to reducing mistakes and increasing customer satisfaction. For example, more and more processes are being performed on designated tablets, during the sales process and when taking inventory.   

A Continual Endeavor

As leaders in green production solutions, LEAN methodologies assist us in maintaining the continuous improvement journey we are committed to. Being on the cutting-edge of green technology use, is good for our customers, employees and the environment.