Key Bumping: What it is & How to Beat it

Breaking into homes has become increasingly simple with the help of a “bump key,” a standard-size key that is cut with each groove at the maximum depth so that it can fit the cuts (or “valleys”) of a regular door lock. This basic key can unlock most front door locks in a matter of seconds without leaving any trace of a break-in whatsoever. And unfortunately, it’s fairly easy to buy a bump key, or even to make your own by following simple online tutorials. 


Quality lock manufacturers like Mul-T-Lock have recognized the lock bumping issue and have come up with a solution: bump-resistant locks. These locks keep your home safer by:


-       Using double locking mechanisms for enhanced security

-       Utilizing a patented key cutting system that requires a unique key card to create a duplicate

-       Providing enhanced resistance against picking, bumping, and drilling, acting as a major deterrent against thieves

-       Initiating a two-tier security system that combines patented and unpatented cylinders and locks for optimal security


Digital door locks are another alternative to the standard cylinder door lock mechanism that many modern homeowners are opting to use instead. Reassure your customers that they can keep their belongings, their home, and their families safe with the industry-proven leaders in lock manufacturing standing guard 24/7.