Hospitality Made Simple with Mul-T-Lock Security Systems

Because they are in the hospitality field, boutique hotels really have to take their clients’ security seriously. After all, keeping an eye on your own belongings is one thing; taking responsibility for the possessions, comfort, and security of paying guests is an entirely different story.

Smart Technology, The Ultimate Security Solution

That’s why hospitality professionals turn to Mul-T-Lock to maintain all of their access points. These systems are tailor-made to fit the specific needs of the establishments. Each state of the art system provides managers with:

- Complete control over all entry points with a single app.

- Remote access to allow or deny entrance from afar.

- Programmable settings for scheduled entry for weekly deliveries or scheduled maintenance crew.

- Entry and exit logs.

- Coded locking mechanisms that automatically lock doors upon closing and only open with the programmed pin code. These systems are ideal for hotel rooms, especially since the codes can easily be wiped and changed from the manager’s account. Code-It is also a great solution for store rooms or other internal rooms that require security.


The finest hotels around the world use Mul-T-Lock security systems to keep their guests safe and their inventory secure, from the SMARTair™ electromechanical access control system at The Bellagio to the WatchLock GPS and GSM security solution at The Luxury in Kenya. Find out which Mul-T-Lock products are right for you, and secure your guests on a whole new level.