Commercial Grade Security Systems: Electronic Locks for Commercial Buildings

Commercial buildings see a tremendous flow of people every single day. Deliveries are made, business meetings are held, and employees are constantly coming and going from one company or office to the next. With so much action and turnover, keeping a commercial building (such as government facilities or office buildings) secure can be quite the challenge. That’s why the people in charge leave this daunting task to the professionals at Mul-T-Lock.

With products that are catered specifically to the fluctuating needs of commercial buildings, managers are able to control every entry point remotely, conveniently, and instantly. It’s just smart security. Features include:

-       Programmed access for scheduled entry and exits

-       Code-activated locks that automatically lock when closed

-       Easy to change lock combinations

-       Durable components for enhanced security


Case Study: Pretoria Government Secure

Here’s just one example of an organization that took advantage of the state of the art security features provided by Mul-T-Lock and saw excellent results immediately.

The government offices in Pretoria, South Africa were having major problems with theft. Personal items were constantly going missing, and it quickly became apparent that this was an inside job. The management decided to install the SMARTair locking solution since it requires no wiring and easily mounts onto existing hardware.

With the help of controlled access to each office and entry point, the Pretoria office building was able to eliminate the issue almost entirely by keeping better control on who had and did not have access to the offices.

Realize the potential that a top security system can have for your business when you discuss your options with a locksmith today.