MTL™400 (ClassicPro™)

The Mul-T-Lock ClassicPro offers best in class locking solution while delivering exceptional valueYou can rely on Mul-T-Lock’s world-renowned experience and expertise to ensure your home, assets and family are safe and secure.

Mul-T-Lock combines its advanced telescopic pining technology with a special patented cut to meet higher security standards for commercial properties and private homes.
ClassicPro provides enhanced security, reliable key copy protection, high-grade components, and improved capabilities at an affordable price.

ClassicPro™ Solution Benefits
· Key copy control technology - Giving you another layer of protection, the ClassicPro key card method requires authorized Mul-T-Lock locksmiths to present the unique magnetic card for additional keys
· Higher resistance to break-ins, intrusions by bumping, drilling and picking
· Peace of mind - Reinforces your need to protect against key duplication
· Convenient - Easily identify keys with a wide range of key-head colors
· Environmentally friendly

ClassicPro™ Solution Features
· Comprehensive Key and Cylinder Options  - to address a variety of needs :
o Master Key Systems - assign various levels of access to a user's key .
o Keyed Different - access each door with a different key .
o One Key House (Keyed Alike) - Users are able to upgrade their home security to a single key solution, enabling a 'One Key House'. This feature allows homeowners to open any access point – from mailbox to garage door and up to the front door – with a single key.
    o   3-in-1 Keying - instantly change a lock's combination up to 2 times by simply turning a key .
o Construction Keying - provides access to multiple doors with a common key, then instantly switches to unique combinations when necessary, rendering the common key useless .
o FleX Control  - Mechanically control access by using special keys .
o Modular Cylinder - ClassicPro provides scalable and modular capabilities for a widerange of applications, such as buildings, assets and other commercial property. It gives you the flexibility to quickly and easily configure cylinder lengths according to customer needs .
· Flexible and CLIQ Compatible - add convenient access control by integrating the electromechanical CLIQ® platform  to your Interactive system.