ENTR™ Gives You the Power to Control Your Home Entrance Doors

MUL-T-LOCK® announced the release of ENTR, an innovative smart lock solution that provides users with a variety of ways to open doors without the use of physical keys. A comprehensive solution, ENTRconveniently allows users to securely control access to their home or office using any connected device such as a smartphone, tablet, or with the use of a personal code, fingerprint reader or a remote control.

ENTRcombines the strength of a Mul-T-Lock®’s High Security mechanical cylinders together with advanced electromechanical and digital technology to create a simple-to-use smart lock solution for the both home and office use. Leveraging today’s widespread use of smartphones and connected devices, users can unlock doors, program scheduled access authorizations and more.

 With ENTR, you can create virtual keys right from a smartphone or other connected devices. Users can also opt to operate ENTRwith a coded touchpad, fingerprint reader or remote control. In addition to providing a range of options to gain access, ENTRis easy to install — installation takes minutes — as it is wire-free and can be fitted on any door type. 

Yair Levy, Product Manager , Mul-T-LocK®
“ENTR provides users with an easy to use and install smart lock solution that leverages the convenience of today’s connected world. It is an excellent way for our partner locksmiths to easily branch out into smart and advanced solutions while they provide their customers with a solution that addresses many of their security needs.”

No longer reliant on keys, ENTR is an ideal solution for a wide range of users. Families with children no longer have to worry about lost keys and the inability to access the home because of it. Individuals who want a digital solution can use their smartphone for home access control. It’s also a very smart solution for the elderly, as it provides secure access to caregivers or visitors without having to distribute keys. Future plans for ENTR include the ability to integrate with the smart home environment, giving consumers the control and convenience they want. 

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