Award Winning Watchlock is Selected by Leading North American Shipping Company to Protect Cargo and Containers

Mul-T-Lock, a global leader in the manufacturing and distribution of locking, cylinder and protective solutions will now be helping to ensure the protection of containers and storage spaces for one of the largest shipping companies in Canada and the US with its ground-breaking WatchLocks solution. A first of its kind, Watchlock smartly combines GPS, GSM and High Security locking giving users the ability to know what is happening with their assets.

Developed in conjunction with Starcom Systems, the award-winning WatchLock is embedded with a combination of technologies and software that makes real-time monitoring and management possible via an Internet connection from anywhere.

Battery operated, the WatchLock is autonomous, making it an ideal security solution for remote sites such as cellular towers, gates, perimeter fences, generators and valuable mechanical equipment that is left unsupervised in the field. Moreover, it is the ultimate protective solution for travelling assets such as cargo containers, trucks and other moving vehicles as it tracks and broadcasts locations via its embedded GPS technology.

More than just location information, WatchLock provides real-time reports if and when the padlock has been opened, closed or an attempt has been made to do either. It also can alert users to a variety of preselected notifications such as battery status and when the lock move in or out of a particular area – anywhere in the world. In the event that one of the actions for alert occurs, a notification is automatically sent by SMS or e-mail enabling an immediate response when warranted.

WatchLock’s web-based application makes it easy to receive online updates, get real-time monitoring and manage and control the lock’s functionality. Since Watchlock’s launch, thousands of units are in use worldwide and it has received industry recognition for its extreme innovation.