Catalogue and Resources


Here you will find useful information available to download. Should you require any further information, please contact the office on 01902 364200 and we’ll be happy to assist.

Download today:

  • Product Catalogue (use existing one for time being)

To view the full product portfolio, have a browse through our catalogue

  • Complaints Form

In the event of logging a complaint, ensure the details are logged on this form before submitting into the office on

  • Return Procedures

If you wish to return a product, please complete this form. Remember to obtain a concern number first by calling into the office

  • Sales Brochures

If you require support with lead generation in your area, we’ve produced a range of marketing collateral to help you drum up business to end users. Feel free to include your contact details or a dealer stamp

  • Webshop Manual

Read our step by step guide on how you could shop online 24/7 at your own leisure

  • Suit Transfer Procedure

In order for a suit to be transferred, we will need the details in writing