9 Tips for Creating a Successful DIY Video for your Locksmithing Business

Video marketing for small and medium businesses is on the rise. If you haven’t heard, you must be living under a rock. But not to worry. In this article, we’re going to cover the top 9 tips for creating compelling video content for your locksmithing business, 100% DIY (that means, on your own).

Tip #1 - Develop a video marketing strategy

Study up on the market and get to know your target audience. Understanding who they are, what they want to see and what goals you want to accomplish will help you create the ideal video content that will drive potential customers to choose your locksmithing business other the competition.

Tip #2 - Plan ahead

Don’t go into any video taping session unprepared. Create a storyline for each DIY video and write it down in script form. You don’t have to follow the script to the letter, but you want to ensure you always keep on topic and to the point.

Tip #3 - Keep it educational

Leave branding videos to the marketing professionals. DIY videos should be strictly informative. Present your audience with tips, tricks or recommendations that will position you as a knowledgeable industry leader who they want to turn to for all their future locking needs. Plus, the richer the knowledge, the more likely your viewers will be distracted by your sub-par cameraman skills.

Tip #4- Highlight the tools and technology you sell, not the ones you film with

The goal of your DIY video is to enlighten your audience and make them want to buy your locks, NOT to impress them with the latest videography equipment, its zoom, and other features. You can keep it simple and use your smartphone’s camera as perched on a tripod - but make sure to always film horizontally. Wide, steady shots are far easier on viewers’ eyes.

Tip #5 - Find your best light, then apply b-roll footage

When it comes to filming, the more light, the better. Find a spot to film that is extremely well lit, or turn on multiple, same-colored lights to create the illusion of a sun-filled room. Then, once you’re done filming, integrate b-roll footage, filter shots that take the eye away from your talking mouth, to make the video more interesting.

Tip #6 - Eliminate background noise

Regular computer and cell phone mics transmit a ton of background noise, which can distract your viewers from your content and leave them wondering what’s going on in your midst. To ensure your viewers focus on what you’re saying, and not what’s going on in the background, use a tie-clip microphone.

Tip #7 - Use an editing app to clean your video

You don’t need to hire a videography professional to create professional-looking videos. When taking the DIY route, an editing app can be a helpful tool. For simple editing needs, try the YouTube video editor, Windows Movie Maker or iMovie. And for a more dynamic editing experience programs like Adobe Premiere Elements, Final Cut Pro X, or Sony Vegas will be your new best friends.

Tip #8 - Keep your videos short and to the point

Take your audience behind the scenes at your locksmithing shop, present thorough tutorials on how to use a smart locking system, like ENTR, or discuss how often home locks should be changed - BUT do not talk just to fill air-time. The average attention span is dwindling - the less you say, the more your viewers are likely to remember.

Tip #9 - Have fun!

If you’re not having fun, neither will your viewers. While it’s important to remain professional throughout your DIY video, you can inject some humor into the production process. Doing so will engage and endear your viewers to you, positioning you as approachable ahead of their next lock shopping spree.


Bottom line

You can do it! Now you know how to create great DIY videos that will usher your locksmithing business into the digital age. Happy filming!