The Locksmith’s Guide to Digital Transformation

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With technology developing at lightning speed, locksmiths should develop their business practices to meet the demands of a changing world. Your customers’ expectations are growing, as new security concepts, gadgets, and tools enter the market. The way that the security industry installs and adapts home, office, and mobile security systems is advancing rapidly.

Here are some ways that the locksmithing and access control sector is changing, and how you can keep up with the pace.

Technological Innovations

Locksmiths are moving to embrace the new technology. Dealers sell advanced digital security products that are in demand today, and use digital tools to offer a better, smarter, and easier shopping experience for their customers.

There are many types of keyless security systems on the market. Don’t let technology overtake you - instead, master technology and use it to build your business further.

With the help of technology, you can also automate your estimate, order, and invoicing process. You can use digital business tools to gather client feedback, improve the customer experience you offer, and to tighten up your business performance.

With better computer skills and advanced understanding of electronic keying devices, professionals today can see their business boom. 

Understand the Marketplace

The digital revolution has changed the way that your customers buy security solutions. Today’s customers use their laptops, desktops and smartphones to compare prices and investigate brands. They make their buying decisions based on customer reviews that they find online, and by checking out product specifications from their mobiles. Among the overwhelming wave of data, your customers need help to find your business online.

Make sure that your locks, keys, and security systems are easy to find, read about, and even buy online, so that technologically savvy customers can access your store and services around the clock.

Create an Online Home

Your website is the point where your customers meet your business, a place where you can build relationships with visitors, which convert them into loyal customers.

The customers who come into your store still do their research online. When you have a website with simple prices, detailed product specs, and well-described services, you can use it to direct customers to your bricks and mortar store as well. Once your website visitors have been online to decide what they need, they can choose to come into your store in person, or buy from you online, if you let them.

It’s important to remember that many visitors to your site are viewing it on their mobile phone, so if it doesn’t render properly then you’ll lose business.

Digital Marketing Can Help you Grow Your Business

Digital marketing should be part of every locksmith’s toolbox. This term refers to all the ways that you can promote your business online. The secret to attracting new customers is to stay fresh, relevant, and appealing. The challenge is to gain and keep the attention of customers with short attention spans and plenty of distractions.

Big brands are no longer the only ones to spread their marketing campaign around the world. With digital marketing, everyone can access global visibility. Use digital marketing to tailor your advertising to specific niches, making your efforts more productive and efficient.

Website Builders

A website is the best way to attract business online. It’s your digital storefront that can be visited by customers around the world. It’s best to add a blog to your site, to offer interesting content to potential customers and build your business image. Wix and Squarespace are both fabulous platforms that make it easy to build a professional-looking website in minutes. WordPress is another option that makes blogging a snap, and their basic plan is free. 

Social Media

An active social media platform is another successful marketing trick that keeps your brand at the forefront of people’s minds. Channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest are all popular spaces for social marketing. You can promote your special offers, new products, and useful skills to your friends and connections. Tools like HootSuite, Buffer, and TweetDeck help you automate posting to all social media channels, and give you tools to keep up with relevant topics. 

External Environmental Factors

Environmental concerns like product material, gas emissions, and safety regulations are all helping to drive the digitalization of the security sector.

With a technologically advanced locksmith system, you can reassure your customers that your business and your products are sustainable and have a low carbon footprint.

Email Marketing Services

Email marketing is an essential tool for any business today. It allows you to reach out to your previous and potential customers with discounts, friendly reminders, and helpful tips, all of which encourage repeat business and promote your business name in everyone’s memory. Services like MailChimp and Campaign Monitor give you templates, guidance, and tools for producing effective email marketing campaigns in just a few minutes. If you’re just beginning, you can sign up for a free account so that you can test the waters without expense.

Pay Per Click Campaigns

Also called PPC, pay-per-click campaigns are paid marketing campaigns that show ads to potential customers. You’ll only pay when someone clicks through to your site (hence the name ‘pay per click’). Sites like Google AdWords, Outbrain, and Bing Ads help you create customizable ad campaigns that bring results. The PPC model is also used on Facebook, promoting posts to targeted audience.

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