Unlocking a Better Tomorrow: Mul-T-Lock on Sustainability

Did you know that recycling one aluminum can save enough electricity to power a TV for three hours? Yes, awareness about the power of sustainability can be a huge game-changer for the world at large, as well as for corporations and individuals willing to take the steps towards positive change.

And our world is desperate for a change. From toxins seeping into our food to the depletion of natural resources, sustainability has become a relevant concept, and discerning companies are starting to realize that it’s our responsibility to step up and fix these ever-growing issues.

With proper awareness and initiative, both individuals and organizations alike are starting to take major strides towards repairing the damage done to our home and making suitable preparations for the future. And the changes don’t even need to be dramatic. Companies have already started to make waves in the sustainability area by recycling products, reducing waste around the office, and opting for more Earth-friendly materials within their plants. Here’s a closer look at sustainability and how each of us can start to do our part to make this world a cleaner, safer place.

What is Sustainability & Why Does It Matter?

Broadly, sustainability is any practice, device, or material that is able to be maintained at a certain rate. Whether it’s using fewer resources around the office, implementing cleaner manufacturing processes, or instituting recycling programs, there are countless ways to make organizational changes that will amount to greater sustainability, and therefore, a better world. For a homeowner, simply opting to use a reliable locksmith can be a step towards sustainability since they will know exactly which system to install and how to save gas, electricity, and packaging materials.

Fortunately, smart sustainability practices can help chase away those smog clouds, and bring about concrete changes for a more reliable and pleasant future for everyone.


People are moving in huge waves towards cities in many countries, and governments are struggling to accommodate these growing demands on the infrastructure of their cities with more housing, education, and employment requirements.

Urbanization is a good thing for economic growth and development, but it also comes with challenges like the need to restructure and increases in crime. Something as basic as updating home security and locking systems can automatically help in these situations.

Steps Towards a Brighter Future

In addition to minimizing the impact on the environment by conserving precious resources such as gas, water, paper, electricity, and metals and launching smart initiatives throughout the organization, Mul-T-Lock takes sustainability to a new level with several smart practices like the ones below.

●     Recycling Initiative

Mul-T-Lock uses recycled raw materials such as brass and nickel silver to create environmentally-friendly products. The Hasplock Diamond, for example, is made of stainless steel. Not many people know it, but stainless steel is one of the most Earth-friendly resources used in production today. It is a safer, healthier option for those who handle the material itself, and it is recyclable and harmless to dispose of. Additionally, stainless steel leaves a small emissions footprint during production and after, and since it is a durable material, products made with stainless steel will be long-lasting, minimizing the need for frequent replacements.

Another recycling initiative: Mul-T-Lock recycles the waste from plastic key heads it produces. That’s roughly 6 million keys per year, saving about 13 tons of plastic in four years by shredding the used plastic and reusing it to make new key heads!

In addition to using recycled materials to create durable products, Mul-T-Lock also uses this Earth-conscious method for packaging. All products are packaged with 100% recyclable materials.

●     Sustainable Products

Today, many companies use recycled materials to create their products. Going even further, earth-conscious corporations are creating products that themselves are sustainable. Mul-T-Lock, for example, supplies several sustainable products such as the SMARTair and CLIQ Wall PD, energy-saving products that require no installation, use rechargeable batteries, and are all handled remotely, minimizing unnecessary paper, gas, and time usage. And since you can simply slide these locking systems into place, you save on wasteful upgrades, drilling, wiring, and disposal. To further determine the footprint of a product, smart consumers should seek out Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) for the goods in question. Not only will this help inform consumers on the environmental impact of the product, but will shed light on the integrity of the company as well.  

A key-free option such as the ENTR smart locking system saves the Earth from mass key production and the toxic emissions that come from this process. Rechargeable batteries are long-lasting, and remote customer service, maintenance, and reporting ensures that any questions, issues, and updating can be made remotely so technicians aren’t driving all over town, adding to air pollution.

As one proactive farmer put it, “There is no finish line with sustainability.” The choice is simple. When looking for a new security system, ask for a manufacturer who is environmentally responsible, reduces the impact on the environment with sustainable practices, and offers products that use recyclable packaging and come pre-fit to your door to minimize waste.


Read more about Mul-T-Lock sustainability, and find out how you can make the world a better place, simply by choosing the right locks and keys.