How Mul-T-Lock’s Strengths & Patents Carry the Industry

Mul-T-Lock’s commitment to outstanding product quality has placed Mul-T-Lock at the top of the market for years, and their unwavering dedication to this end has raised the bar for the entire industry. Here are a few ways this business is making the access control and locking system industry safer, stronger, and better all around the world.

Strength #1: Reputation

Good businesses take their reputation seriously. You’ll never find Google doing something outlandish that would put their name at stake because the bigger you are, the more you realize that brand image is vital for your survival.

➔     How patents help: Mul-T-Lock appreciates this aspect of branding, and does everything to keep their reputation sterling. Patents are a smart way for companies to keep themselves in check because with their name out there, they have to guarantee their quality when it comes to product and service. So in essence, patents help the industry stay strong.

Strength #2: Technology Leadership

Mul-T-Lock stands at the forefront of technology leadership always striving to make their products better, stronger, and more secure. The research team is always hard at work developing smarter technologies for digital locks, and the results are clear.

➔     How patents help: Product patents keep these smart technologies out of the hands of companies that would distill the quality standards that reputable businesses have fought to uphold.

Strength #3: Superior Quality

From the materials used to build the products to the designs, technology, and packaging, every aspect of a Mul-T-Lock product is carefully planned, utilizing the highest quality elements available. Bottom line, there is no such thing as cutting corners with these locks.

➔     How patents help:  Once again, since the patent links the product to the company, any reputation-conscious business will ensure that all of their patented products use the highest quality materials to produce only the highest quality results.

Strength #4: Meet Highest International Standards

Mul-T-Lock has a dedicated team on top of international standards and changes, so all products comply with the latest security regulations. Deadbolts carry a Grade 1 rating and meet UL 438, Multi point locks carry EN 12209, or A2P France standard. Grade 1 offers the highest level of security, and that’s what Mul-T-Lock customers deserve.

➔     How patents help: Patents require that companies maintain all safety regulations and standards. With a legal tie to their name, Mul-T-Lock is required to follow all regulatory requirements both within the US and internationally.


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