Just Had a Baby? 5 Smart Tips for Smart New Parents

Congratulations! You’re a parent, and your whole life is going to change in incredible and unpredictable ways. One thing that you’ll need to do immediately is upgrade your safety around the house to keep the newest member of your family safe and sound. Here are some quick and smart safety tips for new parents to follow.

Tip #1: Update your locking system 

Going from single life to married doesn’t change your sense of responsibility dramatically. When a baby arrives on the scene, though, that’s another story. It's time to move to a more secure lock to protect your precious one. A smart locking system offers secure and resilient security for your home and family.

With a baby in the house, you’ll have loads of different people coming in and out. From a nanny or babysitter to the proud aunt and grandma, you’ll need to make sure everyone who should get in can easily while still ensuring that those who shouldn’t get in don’t. Install smart door lock and control access remotely and efficiently.

Tip #2: Secure your cabinets, windows, and other danger zones

Cover electric sockets with guards, and keep hanging, heavy, or dangerous items out of reach. Install safety gates, secure your cabinets and drawers with baby-proof locks (especially those cabinets/drawers that contain hazardous items), and make sure your windows and patio doors lock and that you have screens and bars as needed – you want to keep out those that don’t belong and keep in those that do!

Tip #3: Beware of water hazards

There are approximately ten accidental deaths from drownings daily. Even shallow water like a toilet or bucket of water is a hazard, so keep children safely away from these dangers. Block pools, tubs, showers and toilets with a barrier

Tip #4: Keep your home clean (especially the floor)

Once they start crawling, there’s no stopping them! So at least minimize the dangers by keeping their contact area clean and unobstructed.

Tip #5: Use a baby monitor

It’s easy to miss a small noise, cough, or cry when you’re busy with other things. Keep a baby monitor on hand so you can rest assured that you’re little one is always safe and sound.

Keep your home and baby safe with these smart tips for safe parenting. [NOTE: All homes and families are different – these tips are suggestions and parents should follow them or adapt them as they see fit.)