The New "Latchkey" Kids

Kids have lots of talents, but keeping track of keys isn’t one of them. That’s why smart locks keep school-age children safer and parents happier. Here’s how.

Door Locks Done Wrong

Today, being home for your kids when they get out of school is a rare commodity that most parents can’t afford. Children let themselves into the house after school with front door keys that also open the door to dangerous situations.

It’s far too easy for kids to lose house keys. They’re then left stranded on the sidewalk with no way to enter their homes. A fingerprint reader or a pin code can be used to replace keys and avoid this issue, as even young children can remember a four-digit password and a pin code can’t get lost or stolen.

Digital Era: Keeping Kids Safe

The only solution that ensures your children’s safety is a digital door lock. Controlled by parents, entry access is specified, personalized, and regulated, so no one is going in or out of the house without mom and dad knowing about it and approving the entry.

Locksmiths can give their customers the peace of mind they need with a digital locking system that is as smart as it is safe. Learn more about this important safety feature by getting in touch with a Mul-T-Lock Authorized Dealer today.