Keyless Locks for the Disabled: How Technology is offering a Helping Hand

Technology has quickly become the best friend of people with disabilities. With innovations such as personal navigation systems, advanced wheelchair capabilities, and robotic arms, the world has become a rainbow of possibilities for the disabled community, and now with ENTR keyless door locks, that rainbow has become even richer.

Keyless Door Locks Opening New Doors to the Disabled Community

With these innovative locks, ENTR has taken an important step in this ever-evolving process of ensuring that handicapped people can function and participate in the greater society and workforce.

ENTR electronic door locks give disabled people the following advantages:

-          Instead of turning a key, you can open the front door lock with a simple remote control or via your smartphones.

-          You can give others access to your home without being disturbed. This can be a major factor if emergency staff members, workers, or visitors need to get in but you are asleep, hurt, or unavailable for other reasons.

-          Scheduled entries can be programmed so regular medical or service staff can enter the house without a key, but only at pre-approved times.

A Golden Age with ENTR

ENTR can be a real game-changer for the disabled citizen both at work and at home. ENTR's keyless lock (operated via remote control or smartphone) can also be used for elderly family members who have a hard time keeping track of their keys or manipulating the standard front door lock and key system.

If you are disabled or work or live with someone who is, introduce this innovative technology into their lives so that everyone can live more independently, safely, and securely. Find a locksmith in your area to install a digital door lock today, and have more control over your life.