The Importance of Patent Longevity

Like having a reliable lock on your front door or office? Then you need to buy products with patent protection. While the words may seem like industry jargon, there’s a lot of power behind the phrase. Here’s a quick look at what patents do for the industry, for the products, and most importantly, for you

  • Patents Protect Core Technology

Patents are legal barriers that protect the intellectual property (an idea, design, or creation, for example) from being stolen or used by others. If a product or concept has a patent, no one else can use or copycat the design for themselves. This protects companies and core technologies from getting ripped off and mass produced by others. The longer the patent is held, the longer the industry remains safe from counterfeits that water down the quality for everyone.

  • Patents Deter Others From Imitating

But why can’t industry leaders share their ideas? Wouldn’t that improve industry standards? Actually, the opposite is true. Here’s what happens when great innovations hit the public:

-       Good companies invest time and money to implement these innovations for quality results.

-       Bad companies take the basic concept, use inferior materials, processes, and designs, and create their own tawdry version of this technology.

So stores are full of what appear to be the same products. However the difference is in the quality and safety of these knockoffs. Skimping on metal quality to save a few pennies in production will cost the consumer a lot of aggravation, time, and money, and may even compromise their security, especially if we’re talking about something like a front door lock. Patents prevent this from happening by keeping the good ideas in the hands of good, quality-committed companies.

  • Patents Keep Product Quality High

Simply put, a patent ties a product to a company’s name, making them accountable for that product’s success and quality. Companies that care about their reputation will keep their business practices, production methods, and material inventory on the highest standard so they can produce the best products. And isn’t that what you want for your home security system?

Contact a locksmith, and find out how to protect your home with quality, patented locks today.