Time to Change Your Door Locks? Learn When and Why

When should you change your door locks? Should you wait until keys are lost or hardware is broken? Are there any other times where changing your door locks is the secure answer? Keep reading to learn when and why you should change your locks.

Lost or Stolen Keys

It’s alarming how many homeowners overlook this. If a key is stolen or lost, you should change your locks immediately. Anyone can find it, and you certainly don’t want the wrong people having access to your home.

Worn or Rusted Locks

Worn out or rusted hardware is easier to pick or force, so you are leaving your home vulnerable to break-ins with rundown hardware in place. Change old hardware for new pieces at the first signs of wear.


This should be apparent. If someone breaks into your home, it’s a clear sign that your home is not secure. Replace old locks immediately, and it might be time to consider upgrading your security locking system altogether.


While contractors need access to your home to do their renovations, once the job is completed, you don’t want a random electrician in your house at any time of day. Changing locks or upgrading your system can prevent this.

The Easiest Way to Update Security Access…

Of course, a much simpler solution to changing locks after all of these common scenarios is to invest in a smart front door lock. These locks allow you to disallow access privileges with the tap of a button. No keys are involved, so you don’t have to worry about them getting lost, stolen, or used by the wrong people; the hardware is state of the art, so you won’t worry about rust; and you can easily let the technology grant or deny access with ease.

Good front door locks are your first and best defence against the outside world, so make sure yours are up to date, secure, and only in the right hands.