Patented Key Platforms

Mul-T-Lock’s MT5®+ key system is designed for maximum protection, flexibility and convenience - with your needs in mind. The unique platform combines protective elements to create triple locking mechanism and superior key control. Meets the highest international standards to offer enhanced resistance to picking, drilling, bumping and other forms of lock manipulation, so your home remains secure, always.


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Technical Information

Using advanced technology, Interactive+ combines an enhanced variation of the telescopic pin mechanism with a specially designed floating element to meet the highest security standards and provide you with enhanced key control capabilities. This reliable, double-locking mechanism offers enhanced resistance to picking, drilling, bumping and other forms of lock manipulation. Available in all formats and product types, Interactive®+ key can fit into all home locking products for real convenience.

Technical Information

This Mul-T-Lock key system provides enhanced home security at a price you can afford. Mul-T-Lock combines its advanced telescopic pining technology with a special cut and high-grade components to enable scalable and customizable capabilities. Smartly designed to last, deter and enhance protection, the ClassicPro™ offers higher resistance to break-ins, intrusions by bumping, drilling and picking.

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Technical Information


Download the ClassicPro brochure here.Download the ClassicPro brochure here.


This mechanical high-security locking platform comes with a high-precision 7-pin tumbler mechanism; unique oval cut key blanks and unique launcher pins. Choose Integrator® for your residential applications that require protection against unauthorized key duplication.

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Technical Information

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