The MTL™600 superior protection locking solution provides you with the high security you need and the enhanced key copy control you desire.

The combination of several technological elements create strong resistance against different forms of lock manipulation:


MTL™600 comes with a unique magnetic card that should be presented to an authorized Mul-T-Lock locksmith when additional keys are needed.


Available in various formats, MTL™600 can fit into different home locking products, giving you protection where you need it while ensuring maximum convenience.

MTL™600 ensures your entries are conveniently secure:

  • Keyed Alike  - Access multiple doors with a single key
  • 3in1 Keying - Instantly change a lock's combination up to 2 times by simply turning a key
  • FleX Control - Provide access to whom you want, and then limit it when you don't
  • Master Keying Systems - Assign various levels of access to a user's key

Balance control with convenience with a key system that responds to a wide variety of needs, even as they change.