Cylinder applications that respond to your customers’ needs

Mul-T-Lock’s innovative cylinder applications enable high-security locking solutions to meet every home locking needs. From access control to re-keying, Mul-T-Lock ensures your cylinders are securely protected.

Keyed Differ

The simplest and most common keying option. A single key can only unlock a single cylinder, and no key can open more than one cylinder, ensuring you have maximum home security.

Keyed Alike

This option allows for the operation of multiple entries with just a single key. Several products in a single home locking system can be keyed to the same locking combination, enabling them all to be unlocked using the same key.


Mul-T-Lock’s 3in1 cylinder application allows for the instant re-keying of mechanical lock cylinders without the need for any special tools or services.

Simply insert and turn a key to permanently change the cylinder to a new combination and nullify the previous key up to two times, ensuring you have full control of instantaneous re-keying capabilities.

When all three combinations have been used, the cylinder may be re-keyed by an authorized Mul-T-Lock locksmith.

Master Keying Systems

Assign various levels of access to a user’s key.