The customer




Toulouse, France

CLIQ® devices installed:

71 programmable CLIQ® cylinders & 27 CLIQ® battery-powered, programmable keys, including 12 CLIQ® Connect keys; wall & portable programming devices



The challenge

Remote sites, hassles with key management
When it was founded in 2014, ZeFil inherited operations sites scattered around 37 Toulouse municipalities.
Each one was equipped with different locks and mechanical keys. Physical key management was complicated, creating problems with quality control.   The company tendered for new access control.

Key requirements included:

  • Maintain high levels of security at all operations sites   
  • Grant specific access rights to different employees and contractors   
  • Supply wireless access control devices for multiple door types   
  • Ensure ZeFil teams work fast and securely to maintain 99.99% uptime

The solution

CLIQ® met every criterion
Wireless cylinders are installed at all ZeFil remote sites. Around 30 CLIQ keys are held by employees and service providers. Each carries one key programmed with personalised permissions.
All ZeFil access rights must be updated every 24 hours, maintaining a high level of network security.

Bluetooth-equipped keys
Key-holders could choose to update key access rights via a programming device in central Toulouse, or CLIQ Connect keys updated with a secure app on the user’s smartphone.
For CLIQ Connect key-holders, travel time previously wasted getting the right mechanical key is now spent on-site, working towards optimal network operation.

“Management of access rights is extremely easy. It’s a real comfort for all.”
Michael Combes, Director, ZeFil