CLIQ System overview

CLIQ is a wireless, high-security electromechanical locking solution that uses web-based management software to address your high physical security needs with remote management and control capabilities. CLIQ allows you to communicate with your entire locking system through micro-technology that is embedded into cylinders and keys. With it, you can conveniently manage access rights and more, directly from your computer or using the system’s programming devices, eliminating the need for time-consuming manual intervention. Powered by trusted, field-proven technology, Microsoft SQL Server Databases and SSL certificates, all communication between your work stations and the database remains secure - accessible only to authorized users.




  • Reporting Features and Audit Trails - Know when and where any connected location is accessed and by which person.
  • Flexible Control Options - Through a variety of devices:
  1. Web-based management from your PC
  2. Wall Programming Device
  3. Portable Programming Device
  • Powered By Trusted Technology, Microsoft SQL Server Databases and SSL certificates - For secured communication.
  • Revalidation for Reduced Risk - The system can be instructed to require revalidation from any key, giving you the ability to provide time-limited access.
  • High-Security Protection - Mul-T-Lock adheres to the world's most stringent security standards.




  • Adds Access Control to Any Locking Solution - CLIQ gives you the ability to control access on any locking solution, including cylinders and padlocks, even in locations where wiring or alterations are impossible.
  • Easy to Deploy - Designed for simplicity and flexibility, CLIQ does not require any special site preparation.
  • Simple to Install - Wire-free, CLIQ can be installed hassle-free, anywhere.
  • Cost Effective - Enables the secure repurposing of cylinders and keys and can integrate with mechanical systems.
  • Scalable to Any-Sized Environment - As you add more access points.
  • Intuitive, Easy-to-Learn Software - CLIQ is easy-to-program and easy-to-operate.
  • Remote Management - Change access rights, enable and disable keys, customize access schedules and more - directly from your computer