What is CLIQ® technology?

CLIQ technology was developed by ASSA ABLOY in order to create electro-mechanical cylinders and keys. It includes an ASIC chip specifically designed for CLIQ; electronic boards embedded in keys; cylinders and padlocks; and management tools (software and programming devices). Mul-T-Lock has embedded ASSA ABLOY’s innovative CLIQ technology in our premium High Security patented mechanical platforms MT5® and Interactive®+.

Why use an electro-mechanical cylinder versus a mechanical one?

For several reasons, the first being the enhanced, long-lasting security and flexibility it provides. Additionally, electro-mechanical cylinders and CLIQ specifically, provides convenient access control features that help you effectively manage who can go where and when. With it, you can grant permanent or temporary access, or even only during certain times of the day, moreover you can change access rights remotely for real efficiency.

How does CLIQ compare to a mechanical system?

CLIQ provides higher security and flexibility through various control features such as audit trails; time-based authorizations; remote key authorization management; re-validation of keys and more.

Is it possible to upgrade a mechanical Master Key System to CLIQ?

Yes! An existing mechanical Master Key System can be upgraded to CLIQ by simply replacing certain cylinders, padlocks and keys with CLIQ products.

How does CLIQ address ‘uncontrolled duplication’?

CLIQ has several ways to stop or limit uncontrolled duplication. Firstly, it is not possible to duplicate the electronic part of the key, so an identical one is something that can’t be created.   It is though possible to create a ‘functional copy’. This is a key with the same mechanical combination and access permissions, but with a unique electronic ID number. Only an authorized Mul-T-Lock CLIQ dealer can create a functional copy of a CLIQ key and only if a key card is presented.

What are CLIQ’s main features and benefits?

Firstly, higher security is achieved by combining mechanical and electronic high security and advanced encryption. It also provides true flexibility via its design and how the locking system can be used. It’s simple to install and use, and has various Access Control features such as audit trails that identifies each and every key uniquely; time-based authorizations; key re-validation; reporting capabilities and more.  Additionally, CLIQ software has tools to manage keys and stock, handling of lost keys, managing employee and visitor lists and more.

What is the Control Key (C-Key)?

The C-Key is used by the system manager to access the system software in conjunction with a password and the physical identification of the C-Key’s presence. It is also used to configure cylinders and retrieve audit trails from them.

Can I implement CLIQ in various cylinder formats and lengths?

Yes. The CLIQ technology can be implemented into most of Mul-T-Lock’s mechanical cylinders and padlocks (Interactive®+ & MT5®, minimum length: 33mm, 5 cells).

What is the ‘Wall PD’?

The Wall PD is an online Programming Device that is installed on a wall and used to update CLIQ keys with authorization and schedule changes; re-validation updates; audit trail retrieval and firmware updates.  It features a unique IP address and conveniently communicates with the system’s database located on the CLIQ Remote Server in order to facilitate any changes.

What is the ‘Mobile PD’?

The Mobile PD is a Remote Programming Device that is used to update CLIQ keys with authorization and schedule changes, re-validation updates and audit trail retrieval. It communicates with the CLIQ Remote Server via a cellular telephone or a computer with Internet access.

Can I manage personnel access rights within CLIQ?

The CLIQ software has efficient management tools that keeps track of your employees and visitors, the specific keys they’ve been given, together with the permissions and rights they’ve been granted. Furthermore, the software will automatically send out notification emails to personnel whenever changes or updates have been made, with instructions on any next steps if necessary.

How do I change permissions and schedules in a CLIQ key?

The first step is to access the CLIQ software and mark the needed changes for the key.

Updating keys can be done in two ways. If the system manager physically has the key, it is possible to place the key in the Programming Device and send the update directly into the key.  If the system manager is not in possession of the key, it is possible to update it via one of the Remote Programming Devices (Wall PD or Mobile PD) by simply sending the update to the remote server. The key holder then enters the key into one of the Remote Programming Devices and it will be automatically updated.

How are the Access Control features managed?

The CLIQ system is managed via user-friendly software that can be installed locally (CLIQ Manager), or via a web-based application (CLIQ Web Manager).

Are there any user manuals covering CLIQ Software’s functionality?

Yes. Detailed user guides are available for both CLIQ Manager and CLIQ Web Manager Software. Contact your authorized Mul-T-Lock distributor for an e-copy. 

How often will I need to replace a CLIQ key’s battery?

The key’s battery can be used approximately 20,000 times before it usually needs to be replaced.  An LED indication light on the key will let you know when it’s time to replace it.

Who can benefit from the CLIQ system?

The CLIQ system is suitable for various types of customers who are interested in High Security and more control over their locking system.  For more information about the different segments CLIQ serves, the benefits of using it, and how it can be implemented.

Where can I get more information about CLIQ?

You can contact an authorized Mul-T-Lock distributor  for more information. 

Where can I purchase CLIQ?

You can contact an authorized Mul-T-Lock distributor for information about how CLIQ benefit your organization, along with purchasing information.