SMARTair for offices

Gain Operational Efficiency and Smart Access Control

Managers of commercial spaces are looking beyond traditional locking solutions. It used to be that access control was achieved by having a key to unlock a door. While mechanical locking systems provide varying levels of security, they are limited in their ability to do more than that. Today’s office environment expects more. 

Lock & Key vs. Access Control

The general status quo has been that whenever someone needed access to a particular area, the building manager or a company employee would need to physically escort that person and unlock the door, or a key would have to be given to them. That could include maintenance workers, utility agents and other visitors. It’s this inefficiency, both in terms of resources and operationally, along with the need for increased levels of security that have been the driver to develop access control solutions that meet the needs of today’s dynamic commercial operations and offices. 

Smart Access Control

SMARTair is an access control solution that does all of the above and more. It was designed for convenience and flexibility, two very important qualities for the office and commercial environment. SMARTair has a sleek modern design, that fits any environment without distracting from its interior. In addition, as a wire-free, battery-operated solution, SMARTair is very easy to install. In fact, you don’t even have to change your existing mechanical locks.

“Doors aren’t the only things that need access control in an office. That’s why SMARTair is designed to fit almost any lock, including glass doors, interior doors, emergency exits with panic bars, lockers, cabinets and more,” said Netta Ben-Shlomo, SMARTair Product Manager. “Another valuable option that SMARTair brings is the use of the energy saving device. Installing this device will help reduce your power consumption costs.”

More about access control and why it's important

Both for security and operational efficiency, employees, customers, visitors, vendors, sub-contractors and others need to freely  move about  while maintain control. That’s critical for business.

SMARTair allows you to define who can enter a room or space and when, it even allows you to set a time limit on that access – one day, one week, unlimited. Another thing that SMARTair provides is an audit trail. For liability purposes, this can be very valuable. With SMARTair’s ability to capture, record and create audit trails of all activity, it serves as a real deterrent. With staff and visitors now aware of this, accountability and responsibility are greatly increased on all levels.

Gain Operational Efficiency

Manual key management is time and cost consuming. Replacing them when lost, rekeying and other associated tasks are a big time waster. Imagine being able to unlock a door, change authorization rights for a new employee, get a complete audit trail of activity from every access point or delete an ex-employee’s access rights without ever moving from your desk. SMARTair’s web application allows you to conveniently control access to your entire office, building or facility from anywhere. Think of all the time that is saved, by everyone. No more waiting, it’s all done when needed.

The SMARTair solution is also available with an energy saving device. This addition will turn off the electricity when the area is not in use (meeting rooms, kitchen, randomly used corridors, etc.), earning you substantial savings on your power consumption and your electricity bill.

Simplified Access Control

When you consider the convenience and flexibility of SMARTair, it becomes clear that it not only boosts security, it provides substantial business benefits. The time and resources spent on manual key control are mostly eliminated. That means security staff has more time to focus on other important tasks. Power consumption is reduced. Audit trails give you transparency and boosts accountability. Best of all, SMARTair can be deployed and scaled easily and cost effectively.

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