Why SMARTair is the Answer to Modern Multi-Family Buildings’ Needs

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By: Rod Levi-Kluska, Executive of Electromechanical Business Development & Sales at Mul-T-Lock USA

The real estate market is experiencing great changes. Prices are going up, driving homeowners to reconsider their large, suburban estates, opting instead to become tenants in unstaffed buildings. And while these residents may continue to desire “concierge-like” services, the current financial climate has other plans - it has outpriced these luxuries 2018* homeowners have come to view as non-negotiable necessities

When doormen buildings are out of the budget, how can tenants enjoy the high levels of home security and convenience they seek and in a multi-family building?

The answer is simple: SMARTair.

I love SMARTair; it is the perfect solution for those seeking high-security, low maintenance and lower cost none-doorman buildings. SMARTair is the ideal keyless access control solution that uses the latest access control management software to program permissions according to each tenant’s needs as they evolve, SMARTair can retrofit any opening in the building without braking the bank and the need to change the door!

Smart design

The #1 reason I love SMARTair is its smart design. A sleek, wireless or Bluetooth door device that is easily mounted on nearly any door. Access rights are stored in the door device and can easily be added, deleted or updated, making it independent and robust, whilst minimizing communication problems. High security performance meets high-class look, without requiring a physical doorman to let you - or your guests in, and keep intruders out. 

Flexible, yet secure

I also love the fact that SMARTair doesn’t require you to carry a physical key in order to enter your home. You can opt to enter using a wide variety of credentials, including smart cards, wristband key cards, fobs, inputting a pre-set code, and using the free phone app.  This reduces requisite costs, while eliminating costly key replacements – this is what consumers are looking for. And, as SMARTair is designed to address the security needs of dynamic and growing environments, you can easily have more credentials made, or modify existing permissions, when you need them, based on real-time generated information, from any location via an intuitive web application.

Full integration, at a fraction of the cost

Third, what’s better than a smart, flexible, high-security lock that replaces the need for a doorman? One capable of fully integrating with your multi-family building’s property management and other platforms. And with no hidden fees, you get the closest thing to the coveted “concierge experience,” without having to shell out expensive HOA fees. Yes, that’s right, SMARTair is THE most economical access control product on the market, ideal for tenants navigating the costly world of independent living that is today’s real estate market.

Bottom line: If you’re looking for near-concierge services in today’s hot multi-family building market, SMARTair is the ideal solution that will ensure high-security, at a price you can afford. Need I say more?


*this op-ed is in response to the article Survey Shows Some Important Changes in the Rental Market, based on predictions from “Which Unfolding Trends Will Shape the Rental Market in 2019?”