Vista general del sistema SMARTair™

SMARTair™ es un sistema de control de acceso potente que ofrece un paso más inteligente y simple que las llaves. SMARTair™ es la alternativa rentable a un sistema de alta seguridad completo. La tecnología sin contacto y de tarjeta inteligente de SMARTair™ se incorpora fácilmente en los sistemas existentes, con múltiples soluciones de gestión. Sin timbres, silbatos o cables. Seguridad elegante y de confianza.

SMARTair® Pro

SMARTair® Pro offers four levels of contactless, keyless and wireless control all in one system, so you can grant different levels of access according to your facility’s needs. You can select the most efficient way to update the access rights depending on your door requirements and combine them in your installation. No cabling required. Uses personalized smart card credentials, which can also be programmed for other uses.

SMARTair® Genesis

The SMARTair Genesis system is the perfect match for small facilities as it is easy-to-install, eliminates keys (and lost key problems for end-users) and is highly affordable. Based on the “update on card” offering, the system allows organizations to secure and manage up to 30 doors in a wireless electronic access system and implement scheduling and audit trails. No special IT or electrical skills are required.

SMARTair® Guest

Easy to install and administer, SMARTair Guest’s user-friendly software makes the guest experience a breeze for vacationers at small hotels and guest houses. SMARTair Guest replaces inconvenient room keys with a wireless locking system operated by smartcards. This way, check-in becomes easy and straightforward, lost cards can be cancelled and replacement cards reprogrammed for increased guest security.The SMARTair Guest product portfolio also includes energy saving devices for mounting on guest room walls and in-room safes.