eCLIQ Retail Awareness Campaign 2020


We have recently initiated a new PR campaign to raise awareness of our award winning access control solution, eCLIQ.

Following on from the success of our 2019 eCLIQ PR campaign, our latest campaign continues the focus of promoting the features of eCLIQ and how this can be beneficial within retail plus many other sectors; focusing on granting and removing access remotely, audit trail capabilities, security and varied applications.

The campaign will be circulated to a number of key industry publications online and in print, with a focus of reaching key decision makers that operate within a range of environments, including shopping centres, supermarkets, jewellers, duty-free outlets, schools, colleges and universities, parks and communal gardens, gyms and leisure facilities, hospitals, surgeries and dental practices, offices and shared meeting facilities and more. As part of this ongoing campaign, we have already featured online in the below publications:

1. Specification Online
2. Building Talk
3. Barbour ABI
4. Source Security
5. Locksmith Journal
6. Pro-Installer Magazine
7. Door Industry Journal



As much as possible we want to share this content with you so you can re-use or share if you wish. If you’d like more information about any of the campaigns we are generating or simply want the copy and content shared with you in a format that you can use more effectively, then please contact our Marketing department at