Join us for our CLIQ® Webinar Series 2020


Join us for our series of four free CLIQ® Webinars, covering CLIQ® Go, eCLIQ®, eCLIQ® Web Manager and eCLIQ® Local Manager. Enter the world of access control and see how quick and easy it is to build a Mul-T-Lock Access Control system from start to finish.

CLIQ© GO Webinar 

Monday 3rd August | 10.00-11.00

What will the webinar cover?

• CLIQ Go brief introduction/recap
• CLIQ Go Benefits
• Possible applications
• CLIQ Go Concept
• CLIQ Go at a glance
• CLIQ Express Demo
• CLIQ Go App Demo



eCLIQ© Web Manager Webinar

Monday 17th August | 10.00-11.00


What will the webinar cover?

• eCLIQ Web Manager brief introduction/recap
• eCLIQ elements – keys locks etc.,
• Possible applications
• eCLIQ Web Manager software Demo



SMARTair Openow

Thursday 3rd September | 10.00-11.00

• Introduction to SMARTair
• SMARTair locking devices
• SMARTair Credentials
• SMARTair Management tools
• SMARTair case studies
• SMARTair TS1000 software demo
• SMARTair Openow concept intro and demo