Grant and remove access with eCLIQ Access Control


In today’s fast paced and ever-changing business environments, security access is often needed 24/7, meaning it can also be difficult to keep track of who’s coming and going.

In retail for example, access is needed in a variety of areas, by a variety of staff who all have their own individual shift patterns. Floor staff, managers, cash handlers, delivery drivers and security personnel are just a few examples of people who each require their own individual access permissions, but where do you start? And how can you keep track of who has access to your business?


The new and advanced eCLIQ® technology from Mul-T-Lock allows business owners and managers to both grant and revoke access to key holders remotely. This can be particularly handy for retailers with a large number of staff or those that suffer from a high turnover – instead of manually keeping track of who has keys to assets, access can be controlled at the simple click of a button.


eCLIQ also offers the ability to schedule individual access permissions for each key, as well as providing time-limited access – perfect for ensuring access is strictly granted as and when needed. This feature is extremely popular with retailers who need to manage unique security requirements not only for staff, but delivery drivers and contractors.


Another benefit of eCLIQ is that keys can be validated daily, weekly or monthly; keeping them continuously secure. So, if you’re a business owner struggling with keeping on top of who has access to your valuable assets at any given time, please contact Mul-T-Lock to discuss how we can help further.


Mul-T-Lock’s eCLIQ® technology offers full automation and integration for retailers and business owners. To find out more, please contact us on 01902 364200, email or visit