eCLIQ - Better for Business


In busy and ever-changing environments such as banks, high-street retailers, GP surgeries and supermarkets, the security of visitors and staff is paramount. With so many people coming and going throughout the day, organisations need a tight security solution that won’t cause any disruption to the every-day running of the business.

As with any organisation in a competitive industry, the smooth running and reliability of service can be vital to its success and profitability. In retail environments for example, electronic key solutions that feature web-based management can be integrated with existing telemetry systems to help control and manage operations. This offers a high level of both physical and data protection – given they only use accredited software and infrastructure providers.


Mul-T-Lock’s eCLIQ® locking system not only enhances security and mitigates risk, but also helps with business continuity. Allowing business owners (eCLIQ administrators) to both grant and revoke access to key holders remotely, with the ability to validate keys daily, weekly or monthly; keeps them continuously secure.


This also enables administrators to comprehensively track and audit who has access to which locations, when they had access, and how often.


Access can be granted only at the exact moment it is required, mitigating the risk associated with lost or stolen keys. This is an important benefit to retailers where they may need to grant limited or one-time access to external contractors, allowing them to securely manage planned maintenance work or urgent repair work, vital to the ongoing running of the business.


Mul-T-Lock’s eCLIQ® technology offers full automation and integration for retailers and business owners. To find out more, please contact us on 01902 364200 or email