Audit Trail Capabilities with eCLIQ Access Control


For many businesses, a standard security system just isn’t enough. It’s all well and good for a system to be able to grant access to certain people and keep out others, but for high security organisations who need data and footprints at the click of a button, a full audit trail is needed.

An audit trail is a security-relevant chronological record that provides documentary evidence of access activity, allowing business owners to authorise and supervise all actions, from all users, at all times.


Mul-T-Lock’s eCLIQ® technology boasts audit trail capabilities that ensure retailers are provided with comprehensive data, informing them of who accesses which lock at any given time. Business owners are able to remotely access this information from anywhere in the world, as well as being able to both grant and revoke access to individual key holders.


Although typically used in high security operations where a documented footprint of an individual’s comings and goings is required, eCLIQ is ideal for businesses that are concerned about staff shrinkage or want to determine who should have access to certain assets.


Mul-T-Lock’s eCLIQ® technology offers full automation and integration for retailers and business owners. To find out more, please contact us on 01902 364200, email or visit