Varied Applications with eCLIQ Access Control


Each business has its own unique and individual assets that need protecting. In retail for example, customers, staff, contractors and delivery personnel are walking in and out of the premises all of the time.

More durable, secure and efficient than conventional locking solutions, Mul-T-Lock’s eCLIQ® system provides enhanced protection for all types of retail applications, from cabinets housing high value items in an exclusive jewellery store, to cold storage areas in supermarkets and restaurants.


The eCLIQ cylinders provide a complete and versatile access solution, with just one key being able to access doors, cabinets, cupboards, elevators, machines, gates and many other locking devices. There is also a varied range of compatible padlocks available, some of which are designed for all weather conditions, making them ideal for external perimeter gates.


With no cabling, add-ons or specialist tools needed to operate the system, eCLIQ locks are smart and tidy, and fit cleanly onto any appliance without looking out of place.


With a wide variety of cylinder types available, Mul-T-Lock’s eCLIQ system is designed for multiple and varied applications, providing the strongest possible security solution. To learn more, please get in touch by calling 01902 364200 or emailing