Break Secure® 3DS for the Ultimate Defence – National Home Security Month


Recent police statistics have revealed a dramatic increase in burglaries last year, with theft offences reaching a staggering 3.5 million. Yet official data from Scotland Yard has shown that only 5% of burglaries were actually solved between April 2017 and April 2018, causing great loss and distress in countless UK homes.

Research shows that 90% of burglars gain entry through the front or back door (41% rear door and 49% front door[1]), which is why it is more important than ever to ensure your home security is up to standard – British Standard to be exact.


The Break Secure® 3DS from Mul-T-Lock is the cylinder lock that locksmiths love, and burglars hate. Anti-drill, anti-screw, anti-bump and anti-pick; the 3DS is known as the ultimate defence, with separate lines of resistance to deter even the most determined attack.


As well as complying to the British Standard Kitemark BS EN 1303:2015 and being backed by police and insurance companies, the Break Secure® 3DS cylinder has also undergone rigorous testing to meet the Sold Secure SS312 Diamond Standard – offering the very best protection in lock security.


Lock snapping (where burglars apply force to the lock cylinder, rendering it useless) is one of the most common forms of attack in a break-in. Unlike most euro profile cylinders, the 3DS has a snap-off front section which comes away if attacked, giving the intruder less of the cylinder to grasp. With its thumb-turn operation, the lock is still able to work internally after an attack, ensuring minimum disturbance to the home.


The patent protected dimple keys ensure the maximum level of security, cut by Mul-T-Lock approved locksmiths for added quality and value. Mul-T-Lock locksmiths can also key-alike the euro profile cylinders, so one patented key unlocks all your front, back and patio doors, securing the whole property.


Mul-T-Lock is so confident that the Break Secure® 3DS will offer maximum protection to UK homes that the purchase pf each lock comes with a full 10-year guarantee.


To learn more about the Break Secure® 3DS, please visit here.

[1] Office for National Statistics