$0An intelligent alarm locking solution combining High Security mechanical padlock with advanced GPS-location system and GSM communication; WatchLock® automatically notifies when the assets are accessed, as well as the assets' location.$0$0Applications$0WatchLock® can be used for a wide range of applications, to provide protection of places and property like remote locations, cargo, security companies, commercial & retails, security for customs operation and for personal use.$0$0Features $0Embedded with  Mul-T-Lock's patented High Security mechanical platforms, Interactive®+ and MT5®/MT5®+$0Can be combined with Mul-T-Lock's CLIQ® technology for enhanced access control with features such as: Remote key authorization and updates; Time-based authorizations; Revalidation$0GPS and GSM capabilities$0Battery operated (fully autonomous) $0Wire-free installation$0Simple operation$0System management through WatchLock web based online application$0Real time alerts$0Varity of reports$0Full audit trail$0$0Specifications$0GPS: Protocol type - NMEA (Binary); Time to First Fix (TIFF) - 12 sec. (hot start); Antenna Type - Built in (concealed)$0GSM Communication: Band - Quad (800/1900, 850/1800); Channels - SMS, GPRS; Emission power (TX) - 850/900 Class 4 (2 Watt) \ 1800/1900 Class 1 (1 Watt)$0CPU: Static RAM - 128Kb; Nonvolatile memory - 34Kb; Flash memory - 2,048Kb$0Battery: Type - Lithium-ion Polymer; Power - 3.7V 700mAh; $0Power consumption: Sleep/ Idle - 0.1 mA; GPRS Only - 75mA; GPS Only - 75mA; GPS and GPRS - 135mA$0Data Package Size / Transmission - 140 bytes*$0*Some cellular operators will charge a minimum unit of 1k byte or more$0Environmental Specifications - Operating temperature: -20°C- +60°C$0Physical Specifications: Dimensions : 71mm x 86mm x 47mm; Weight : 625g$0$0Materials$0Shell - Hardened steel, black plated$0Shackle - Hardened boron alloy steel$0Electronic case - Composite material$0$0Standards$0EN 12320-2001Grade 3, CE, FCC, RoHS, IP65

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