SMARTair™ Escutcheon (Offline, UOC, Wireless) (it-it)

The SMARTair™ wireless and battery powered escutcheons are ideal for transit, office or meeting room doors. The wide range of escutcheons offer a RFID reader and locking mechanism in one for all kind of doors  .

Technical Data

Easy-to-install, battery-powered, wire-free escutcheon for installation on new or existing doors.

All the control elements are positioned on the door's interior side to enhance security.


Access control for commercial and institutional facilities including offices, hospitals, factories, schools, sports clubs and more.

Management options*

Standalone; Offline; Update-On-Card (UOC)

* Products are upgradable from Standalone to Offline/ Update-On-Card (UOC)


Wire-free installation

Simple operation

System management through easy-to-use software including: Authorizations; Time schedules; Daylight savings time and holidays; Deletion and replacement of lost tags; Event log; Temporary blockage; 4-digit code; 3 operation modes: Standard, Open, First person in Scales up to 64,000 user cards and up to 64,000 doors per system


For installation on new or existing doors

Contactless chip identification technologies 13.56 MHz ISO 14443A


2 possible memory configurations:

--1,500 users and 600 events in the event log;

--1,000 users and 1,000 events in the event log

Door width: 33-110mm

IP54 (external installation model)

2-4 cm read/write distance

Visual indications of operational status − authorized, not authorized, out of schedule, low battery

Humidity: Up to 85% without condensation

Temperature range dependent on battery type: Alkaline batteries - 0°C to 65°C; Lithium batteries - -40°C to 75°C

Powered by 3 x AAA batteries

Fire resistance: Tested to EN1634:2000 for 30, 60, and 90 minutes


Standalone mode: no need for software. Programming is done with a Programming Card

Internal & external installation model

Long plate or short plate

Handles: SENA, DELTA, ARCO and more

Finish: Stainless steel, satin chrome, PVD polish brass and more

Various distances between axes (70mm-105mm)

Spindle: 7mm, 8mm, 9mm

Various cylinder applications: Euro, Swiss, oval and more

May be installed with or without cylinder; cylinder can be visible or hidden

Privacy feature

Installation with a Panic Exit Device (PED)

With or without keypad (with keypad is not available as Standalone):

-RFID only

-RFID and code

-Code only

4-digit code

Read/write contactless chip identification technology RFID 13.56 MHz ISO1443A MIFARE classic 1K and 4K and Ultralight or iClass

Reading distance:10 mm with standard credentials

Red and green indication light