SMARTair™ Escutcheon (Offline, UOC, Wireless) (fr-fr)

The SMARTair™ wireless and battery powered escutcheons are ideal for transit, office or meeting room doors. The wide range of escutcheons offer a RFID reader and locking mechanism in one for all kind of doors   .

Technical Data

Easy-to-install, battery-powered, wire-free escutcheon for installation on new or existing doors. <br />

All the control elements are positioned on the door's interior side to enhance security.</p>


<p>Access control for commercial and institutional facilities including offices, hospitals, factories, schools, sports clubs and more.</p>

<p><strong>Management options*<br />

<br />

</strong>Standalone; Offline; Update-On-Card (UOC)<br />

* Products are upgradable from Standalone to Offline/ Update-On-Card (UOC)</p>

<p><strong>Features<br />

<br />

</strong>Wire-free installation<br />

Simple operation<br />

<br />

System management through easy-to-use software including: Authorizations; Time schedules; Daylight savings time and holidays; Deletion and replacement of lost tags; Event log; Temporary blockage; 4-digit code; 3 operation modes: Standard, Open, First person in Scales up to 64,000 user cards and up to 64,000 doors per system</p>

<p><strong>Specifications<br />

</strong><br />

For installation on new or existing doors<br />

Contactless chip identification technologies 13.56 MHz ISO 14443A<br />

MIFARE® CLASSIC, 1K, 4K and ULTRALIGHT, DESFire or iClass<br />

2 possible memory configurations:<br />

--1,500 users and 600 events in the event log;<br />

--1,000 users and 1,000 events in the event log<br />

Door width: 33-110mm<br />

IP54 (external installation model)<br />

2-4 cm read/write distance<br />

Visual indications of operational status − authorized, not authorized, out of schedule, low battery<br />

Humidity: Up to 85% without condensation<br />

Temperature range dependent on battery type: Alkaline batteries - 0°C to 65°C; Lithium batteries - -40°C to 75°C<br />

Powered by 3 x AAA batteries<br />

Fire resistance: Tested to EN1634:2000 for 30, 60, and 90 minutes</p>

<p><strong>Options<br />

<br />

</strong>Standalone mode: no need for software. Programming is done with a Programming Card<br />

Internal &amp; external installation model<br />

Long plate or short plate<br />

Handles: SENA, DELTA, ARCO and more<br />

Finish: Stainless steel, satin chrome, PVD polish brass and more<br />

Various distances between axes (70mm-105mm)<br />

Spindle: 7mm, 8mm, 9mm<br />

Various cylinder applications: Euro, Swiss, oval and more <br />

May be installed with or without cylinder; cylinder can be visible or hidden<br />

<br />

<br />

Privacy feature<br />

Installation with a Panic Exit Device (PED)<br />

<br />

With or without keypad (with keypad is not available as Standalone):<br />

<br />

-RFID only<br />

-RFID and code<br />

-Code only <br />

4-digit code<br />

<br />

Read/write contactless chip identification technology RFID 13.56 MHz ISO1443A MIFARE classic 1K and 4K and Ultralight or iClass<br />

Reading distance:10 mm with standard credentials<br />

Red and green indication light</p>


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