SMARTair™ Secures One of Las Vegas’s Finest – The Bellagio


The Challenge

The Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada is one of the most luxurious hotel properties on the famed Strip. Everything about the hotel is designed to delight their guests. With 3,950 guest rooms and 116,000 sq ft of gaming space, an eight-acre man-made lake, and world renowned retail shops and restaurants, the resort, hotel and casino require extensive operations to support it all. Behind all of the public spaces, there exists an area reserved for the administration and management of it all filled with offices, storage areas, work spaces, kitchens and much more. That area needs to be secure. The Bellagio sought to increase security and efficiency by moving to a more innovative solution combining mechanical strength with digital convenience.

The Solution

Starting in 2014, the hotel’s dedicated locksmith began transitioning the operational areas of the hotel from a completely mechanical locking system to an integrated Mul-T-Lock solution. Starting with Interactive Plus, the hotel was able to consolidate their use of multiple key platforms into a single High Security solution. This allowed the hotel to consolidate their resources and made for much more efficient maintenance.    

In addition, they added CLIQ for accountability, access flexibility and elimination of rekeying in their retail and guest services areas. And throughout the back of the house administrative area, SMARTair™ provided an easily deployable card access solution for increased security and accountability. This combined and integrated solution was able to address the specific needs of each area. Moreover, with audit trail capabilities, authorizations and scheduling ability, the hotel could easily control access of every employee and to every area – a huge benefit in an environment where security is critical and teaming with people. 

The Result

As the Bellagio experienced the convenience, functionality and flexibility of the solution, its deployment has continually expanded to more and more areas of the hotel.

“The security managers at the Bellagio can sleep better at night knowing that MTL products are installed throughout the Bellagio.  We look forward to working on the next project with them,” said Netta Ben Shlomo, Product Marketing Manager at Mul-T-Lock®. “We tailor comprehensive solutions that not only address the hotel’s security needs, but that fit into the specific operational environment.”