Hasplock Diamond


Robust locking solution combining padlock and hasp in one unit, to prevent loss of padlocks and components.$0$0Options$0Key retaining$0Non-retaining (special order)$0Dust cover$0Drill protection$0Welded or bolted (see installation instructions)$0$0Materials$0Bodies: stainless steel$0Locking elements: hardened steel$0Bolt: hardened steel$0$0Cylinder mechanism$0Mul-T-Lock's unique, high-precision pin tumbler system. $0Pick and drill resistant for High Security needs.$0$0Keys$0Reversible nickel silver key with plastic key head and colored insert. $0Also available in all nickel silver.$0$0Cylinder platforms$0Classic; Interactive®+$0$0Cylinder options$0Keyed different $0Keyed alike$0Master keyed$0$0Standards$0Security grade CEN 5

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