CarDfence is a unique theft prevention solution that uses an
active transmitter in the form of an authorization card - smaller
than a credit card - to communicate with a shut-off unit installed
in your vehicle. When armed, CarDfence prevents theft by
disabling the ignition or the fuel pump when the authorization
card is out of range. Carried discreetly, the authorization card
can be placed in your pocket, purse or wallet, and works in two
distinct ways:

Automatic Theft Protection 

Whenever you turn off the engine and leave your car's immediate range (about 5 meters), the system automatically arms itself and disables the engine, preventing it from starting. When you come back to the vehicle with the concealed CarDfence card, the system is automatically disarmed and lets you start the engine. By simply carrying the CarDfence card, all of these actions are automatic and work to protect your vehicle.

Carjack Protection 

In the event of an attempted carjacking,
and the driver carrying the CarDfence card is ejected from the
car, the system detects the loss of communication with the card
triggering a delayed shut off in several minutes or kilometers.
This allows the driver to safely get as far away from the vehicle
as possible, while still disabling the vehicle in close enough
proximity for authorities to quickly recover it.

CarDfence works with all vehicles and includes these features:

• Simple, easy installation
• Easy-to-use and fully automatic
• Supports up to four authorization cards per system
• Advanced operational modes: Valet Mode and Emergency

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